graduation cupcakes

20150525_170100 Graduations. Who  doesn’t love one?

The overcrowded seats,  the half-asleep family  members, the eternity    long speeches.
Ah, Graduations.

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Purim Treats!

  I love Jewish holidays.  First and foremost,  because it gives  me time  to spend with my family.  Second, because it’s a  holiday- no work! And  third- because of the  food.

Oh, the food. Lemme try to explain real fast:

In Rosh Hashana we have a spread of different salads,  vegetables, fruits, and foods that symbolize all our wishes for the next year. And of course a whole meal to go with it.

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Strawberry Biscuit Cake

20141216_155716 Relationships between mothers in law and their brides have  inspired a never ending stream of movies, stories, jokes and –  well, let’s admit it- tragedies.
There is something quite mystic about the nature of this  interaction. Freud would probably argue it is due to the  sexual dissonance between the unfulfilled desires of the son  towards his mother, and the actual receiver of those desires.

Contemporary philosophers would discuss the role of a wife as the new caregiver and the mothers fear of being pushed aside.

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No hassle Cheese buns

20141227_180603 Here in israel, our day of rest is Saturday. Friday evening is  the night in which we enter the “shabbat”, go to pray, eat the  family dinner. Saturday is the actual day of shabbat in which,  again, we go pray, and eat the family dinner.

 What do we do in the rest of the day? We rest.
My hubby has an exceptional talent- he is one of those rare  few who can sleep and sleep, up to the moment you yank him                                                                                out of bed by his ears.
And so it happens that I spend most Saturday mornings (and noon, and sometimes afternoon) on my own.
And when I’m alone, I think about stuff. Food, to be more particular.
What should I make for breakfast? I ask myself (breakfast served at 1600 ,that is) after which I get lost in the sea of endless possibilities.

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strawberry shortacke

20141209_191619 Every once in a while the film/TV industry comes up with a  sentence that manages to describe something in our lives so  well, it becomes a part of our speech. That way when we use it  to express our feelings, or thoughts, the context is already set.  We are understood.
Such a sentence, for me, is found in the fabulous TV series –  game of thrones.

When first I read the books, the sentence stroke me as interesting. But it wasn’t until I saw the TV show and heard the wonderful Sean Bean say it that it has really struck home: Winter is coming.

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Challah for shabbat or – the Jewish Brioche

20141008_153755 No Jewish Shabbat is complete without a Challa.

 Before you move on to the next post, let me translate this  Gibberish of a sentence:

Shabbat is the Jewish sabbatical of the week (the word  sabbatical actually derives from the Jewish word Shabbat).  Much like the Christian’s Sunday, and the Muslim’s Friday-  Saturday is a Jewish day dedicated to worship, spirituality,  and lots of rest for the mind and soul.


Jews, as some of you may know, like to eat. They REALLY like to eat. A famous saying attempts to sum up all the Jewish holidays in this one sentence: “They tried to kill us. They failed. Let’s eat”.

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Fire Truck Cake

20141030_231255 Birthdays have always been a big deal in our family. Over the  years I have taken it for granted that each birthday of each  member of the family is celebrated every year.
Slowly (and then rapidly) our family grew. My two older  sisters got hitched, and bestowed me with the gift of  becoming an auntie six (!!!!) times. Then a few months ago I  got married, rounding up the tally to 17 members!
And yes, we still celebrate each birthday.

Birthdays call for many things- a celebration, presents and best of all- a cake! Who shall make the cake? You might ask rhetorically. Well, I shall answer, it is I.

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